The Ensemble

As part of its mission, Shakespearemachine seeks to build and maintain a permanent ensemble of actors, stage managers, designers, technicians, and musicians. Shakespearemachine is inspired by the example of companies like the SITI Company, the RSC, and the many amazing ensemble-based companies of Europe.

Members of the ensemble are required to participate in at least one production in a season, either as an actor or technician.

In addition to participating in season productions, members also have a stake in both the artistic direction and administration of the company. As such, they take on various staff roles within the company as well.  Shakespearemachine strives to create a culture of democratic decision-making within the company.

Nick Tash - Artistic Director

Meagan Vandelaar - Education Coordinator

Minelli Manoukian - Marketing Coordinator

Tara Olivero - Education Coordinator

Brooke O'Mara - Social Media Coordinator