As You Like It


August 4th-20th, 2017

Wrestling. Cross-dressing. Lots of people fall in love with shepherds. There’s a lion??? 4x marriage.

In August of 2017, audiences joined us in the Forest of Arden where ladies disguise themselves as shepherds, young men and women fall in and out of love, and all roles are reversed. Orlando is a lovesick young gentleman running from mistreatment by a dastardly older brother. Rosalind is banished from the dukedom her father once ruled, and she must hide from her vengeful yet powerful uncle - the new Duke. Both escape to the magical Forest of Arden. There, in the forest, Rosalind disguises herself as a young man. Disguised as a man, Rosalind takes it upon herself to teach her hopeless would-be lover Orlando the art of love. Anything is possible in the topsy turvy world of the Forest of Arden, where music reigns and love is in the air.

As the melancholy Jaques famously says, "All the world's a stage..."

Shakespearemachine brought its inimitable style to this immersive production of Shakespeare's most beloved comedy. It was an exciting blend of physical acting, music, and gorgeous language.